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Final Project

Digiart Stopmotion Final

Robin Rhode (take II)

Robin Rhode is a South African video photographer. The majority of his photography takes place on the streets of South Africa, using media such as chalk and charcoal for the base animations. A concept explored in Rhode’s videos is the interaction between the animate and the “inanimate”, that is, a chalk drawing, such as blowing away chalk drawn dandelion seeds.

Robin Rhode has a very fun style. It’s something that a lot of people might dream of: this interaction between the real and the inanimate. It would be nice if we could actually play with what we create, instead of just displaying it as something precious.  The way his work is staged gives it a more fulfilling feel, one that is enjoyed and appreciated.


www.shiver.tv is interactive art at it’s best.  the violet album  with the current release, boy in static is in it’s own right a music instrument developed with the help of a piano and wineglasses.  Displayed is a field of candles and light that appear at each piano chord.  The viewer can make music with the “wine glass” .  Following the mouse is a little light. This light has the power to illuminate candles at the click of the mouse. Upon illumination, and chord is struck, therefore making music between the viewer and the artist.

The interactve aspect of Shiver was potentially the neatest I’ve experienced yet.  This is only increased by the fact that there’s no manual telling you what to do.  The incorporation of the viewer into the piece is something that just happens.  You first realize that there is a little light following the mouse, and then you discover that with light, the candles can be lit to produce a vibrating noise.  That is when the experimental fun begins.  It is exciting to make music, no matter what the form.

Matthew Mahon

Matthew Mahon is an Irish-Puerto Rico  Photographer. Before he began work as a photographer however, he went through a number of odd jobs including a rug salesman, and ATM repairer. Mahon uses a number of resourses in his photography, such as ID’s, reciepts, and photo manipulation, combined to tell a story.  His photography is laid out in such a way on the site that requires the viewer to explore. A light autobiography is laid out among the photographs. Links are included on some images that lead to another image, and somethimes another sight all together.

The amount of exploration required by Matthew Mahon on his works is astounding.  It gets to the point where you might become obsessive compulsive trying to find all the little arrows and links that lead to yet more works of art.   The layout of the photographs in a pattern on a white background is interesting, as is the way the viewer is required to navigate by zooming in and out.  It goes to show that html designs is just as much of an important art as anything.

The Halcyon Hours

The Halcyon Hours is an animation that journeys through a day in someone’s life.  The day starts at 7:00 am when the person is just waking up, and  goes until 10:00 PM, when the same person is in a relaxing state.  Each hour has a supernatural element added into it, such as pictures appearing on the walls, or moving on newspapers.  Each segment maintains a calming feel, movements are somewhat slow, and are never in a rush.   The homepage on the website allows the viewer to navigate in two ways.  The choice is given to either click on the desired hour on the side bar, or one can move the dial on the bottom. Moving the dial allows one to experience the sun rising and setting outside the displayed window frame.

The Halcyon Hours have a calming effect. The day for the person in the videos was probably meant to be a calming day off, and the effect was displayed well. The use of music also helped achieve that effect.  The animation is subtle and not at all overpowering. Little odd “messages” are hidden in each hour, and it is fun to study and spot them.

Animation Project: One little moment

Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello works in sound an photography. One of his projects was concentrated in the World Trade Center where he was given an office.  He spent his time photographing and recording the sights and sounds in and around the building. Once, he stuck a microphone outside the window to capture the sounds outside.  He was still working on the project when the buildings were destroyed, and deemed the project as his connection to the building and new york.  All of his works share that same sense of intimacy, calm, solemness, and the theme of life.

Stephen Vitiello’s photos and sounds never fail to give me a sense of the calm.  They don’t necessarily make one feel sad, but definately solemn. They invite you to think, and meditate, about the world and the lives that reside inside.  I really loved how they took the world as whole. The world today is not just nature, it includes technology, cities and pollution.  All of these are incorporated and allow the viewer to ponder on the beauty of life as it seen today.

Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Pfeiffer deals with the famous, the lives of sports celebrities, with the use of digital enhancements. These “enhancements” primarily come in the form of editing away portions of the celebrities, such as the numbers on the back of a jersey.  He also is known to crop, and splice segments of videos together to create a new focus.  Paul Pfeiffer’s videos are displayed on very small screens to achieve a sense of intimacy and sculptural assets, such as the screen placement also contribute to the final piece.

Paul Pfeiffer has a nice theme going on in his videos. He takes out all the distractions so that the viewer may focus solely on what is important.  His title choices can also be interesting as with “John 3: 16”, which shows spliced images of abasketball, remaining firmly centered on the screen whith a message of “everlasting life”.   I personally am not a fan of sports or any variation thereof, however, Paul Pfeiffer’s videos were a pleasure to view.

Bill Viola

Bill Viola is a video artist who deals with themes of  life, humanity, emotion, and changing time.  These themes are displayed mostly via the supernatural.  Nature, primarily water, is also involved in the majority of his videos. Dialogue may or may not be present, however, sound of some sort is always involved to enunciate the imagery.  Bill Viola studied visual art and electronic music while in school, and has traveled the world for his art.

It is the surreal, supernatural aspects, I think, that keep viewers hooked into Bill Viola’s videos.  There is the surface theme, and then another underlying one; You can’t help but want to find out all about it.   Life and death are a common acceptance in this world, and are endlessly played off of, but I don’t think that any have been portrayed so well as this.

Matthew Ritchie

Matthew Ritchie is a painter and sculptor. He uses line gestures of barely identifiable forms, sometimes ahuman being is included off to the side.  His painting range is not limited to the canvas, the walls  and floors on which his work is displayed will work just fine as well!  His works seem to represent a sense of chaos, and amongst this chaos known as the world, lies humanity.   All of the titles of his works deal with worldly aspects such as cities, day’s, electronics, and humanity, making his theme of investigative culture obvious.

Matthew Ritchie’s art, to me, has yet to loose it’s appeal. Mainly this is probably due to the fact that it is all over the place. It has no boundaries.  Sculpture and paintings are combined to not only make a fantastic piece, but to almost unleash it into the world (room) that it resides in.  You kind of get a sense of something that is wild and cannot be controlled. And that is a perfect representation of this world.